Human bias is the most prevalent yet least understood force in our daily lives. 

It’s everywhere. Everything we see or think is filtered through what we already know, what our body can detect, and what we expect to believe. Biases drive the way we see ourselves, the way we see others, and the way we interact with information. Some can be useful; they help us to come to quick conclusions or forge meaningful relationships. Others can be dangerous; they can fuel our rejection of competing perspectives, lead to damaging snap judgments of others, and limit our willingness to update our beliefs when new evidence arises. 

Today’s complex, fast-paced political, social, and technological climate makes it easier than ever to fall victim to the dark side of bias. By better understanding these forces, we can hold ourselves and others accountable for working to navigate them.


Human bias can be explored in many ways. The People’s Science is bringing together scientists and artists to share their reflections and understanding of common biases. Artists will display their work, revealing the ways bias can shape our society and self-image. Scientists will help us share research on the psychology and neuroscience of human bias. The result will be a curated, multidimensional experience where individuals are invited to reflect on themselves, society, and the steps we should be taking to ensure a more intentional, self-aware future. 

We believe that interactive, interdisciplinary spaces are a powerful learning tool. As such, we designed an Art Show & Science Exhibit that features exciting interdisciplinary exhibits that span perspectives. By bringing together policymakers, business leaders, community leaders, and educators to engage with the exhibits, we can start a much needed dialogue about these issues and begin working towards measurable change. 

The first instance of this exhibition was held on November 9 & 10, 2016, in the Boston area. The success of this initial exhibition has prompted us to translate it into a traveling show that freely offers self and bias education to communities everywhere. Learn how you can help here.

We also believe that open access to these ideas is more critical now than ever. As such, we're expanding the event and collaborating with writers, scientists, artists, and educators to create a beautiful and multidimensional look at contemporary issues and the biases that drive them. The book will be released in hardcover and e-book form, with the e-book being freely distributed to educators internationally. Additionally, we are co-constructing a curriculum that will include training, lesson plans, and clearly detailed activities developed in collaboration with our educational advisors.


The Plenary, Co. (previously The People’s Science) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to improving the relationships between information, society, and the individual. We develop and share resources designed to promote practical STEM engagement, improve scientific dissemination, and cultivate digital, media, scientific, and psychological literacy skills in children and adults. 

We live in a critical time. Our technological advancements have changed the ways we interact and consume information, while our ethical and educational responses have struggled to keep pace. More than ever before, the health of our personal and collective decision-making depends on an informed and self-aware citizenry.  The People’s Science works at the intersection of science, educational technology, communications, and design to address the growing need to update the way we think, the way we learn, and the way we decide.