We are foremost an educational initiative.

We believe it is essential to catalyze conversations and reflection about the biases that shape our selves, our society, and the information we interact with every day. That means making our work and the work of our collaborators accessible to everyone. To this end, we will be developing the art and content from the event into book form.

In addition to featuring the exhibits from the event, we will be expanding on this content to incorporate voices and perspectives nationwide.

Two formats will be available:

To ensure that financial barriers do not interfere with anyone's ability to read or share these ideas, we will be releasing an e-book. We suggest a donation of $10 for access to the book, which will be optional. All donations support The People's Science initiatives, so that we can continue our work bringing down barriers between science, society, and the individual.

Importantly, this will also feature lesson plans and facilitated activities crafted in collaboration with our advising educators. All materials will be freely available to educators nationwide.

These large format, hardcover books will allow readers to experience the full beauty of the art and immerse themselves in the scientific content. Hardcover books can be pre-purchased to help our team cover the costs of publication.

For each hardcover book purchased, a book will be donated to an educator. Your donation will allow teachers and students to talk about the role of bias in the world and how to navigate it.


The "It's Only Human" book will feature a range of reflections, anecdotes, art, and scientific explanations centered on the theme of everyday bias. The core sections include:

Art is often a tool for reflecting upon the human condition, forcing its viewers to consider truths, perspectives, or emotions that they may otherwise overlook. To this end, we will feature artists' work and stories on topics ranging from pop culture to gender identity to civil rights to domestic violence. By facing some of today's most challenging issues head-on, we encourage readers to view them through an uncommon lens.

The art acts as an anchor point for a social issue. With the help of social scientists and activists, we dive deeply into the history and real world consequences of these issues. As a non-political organization, we present a profile of these issues from a range of perspectives.

The final level we invite our readers to consider is scientific. There is a rich body of research on the underlying mechanisms that drive many individual and collective behaviors. We work closely with scientists on each issue to clearly summarize what we know about the psychology and neuroscience of relevant human biases.

It's not enough to simply educate people on bias. We believe it is essential to leave our readers with actionable strategies and resources for making a difference in their lives and their communities. By partnering with educators and thought leaders, we provide feasible opportunities for every individual to become an agent of change and advocate for self education.

Interested in helping with this project?

We are currently recruiting collaborators from across fields. Email to start the conversation.